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Hippies Go Home (Short Film)

Directed, shot and edited by Liza Gipsova
Sounds Assistants: Katie Neff and Mike Turner
Interviewer: Chris Capizzi
Music by: Blind Pilot, "We Are the Tide"

NASBUS rides again, sort of.

For the past 4 months, Fleet Guardian has been (very kindly) looking after NASBUS for us. The time has now come for NASBUS to move along though. Still in need of a new engine, NASBUS will be hitching a ride to a storage facility in the area until we raise the funds for the new engine.

Speaking of a new engine, we've got a good prospect for a new engine, a serious upgrade from our old, fuel guzzling, problematic motor. We're still investigating the option, but you'll hear from us pretty soon if it's going to work out.

Welcome Wayne, A New Old Bus

There's a new, old bus brave enough to join the fleet.
August 2009 - Welcome Wayne! (New Bus)

August 2009 - Welcome Wayne! (New Bus)

That's right, Brave New Bus is now TWO busses. Nasbus is joined by Wayne, a year older, yet newer to the movement. Wayne came to us through a friend of a friend who in turn received the bus from a group of Australians. The Australian's bought the bus in Washington state to take it on a road-trip though Canada (sounds vaguely familiar...). In any case, the bus was a donation to the organization and it is in pretty good shape!

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

bus box opening

It's a chilly night here in Florida (54 degrees is cold here) and we're hard at work renovating the interior of the bus. That's right, the bus is getting a couple major upgrades to solve a couple of minor problems we've been having.

Riding Dirty Down South - Winter 2008 Video

This is from the first trip on vegetable oil from January of 2008. The 2 1/2 week trip went from Tampa, FL through New Orleans, San Antonio and Big Bend, TX, Los Angeles and ended in San Francisco. The brave crew consisted of Jaime Schultz, John Harmander, Sal Primo, Katie Wyles, Kareem Farooq, Mike Hoy and Winston Hoy.

At the time of the trip we kept throwing around the slogan "Reinvigorating the American Spirit". Adventure, ingenuity, skepticism, bravery, defiance, entrepreneurship, experimentation, hope, determination. These are the elements that fueled this trip. 7 of us gambled on a 22 year old school bus modified to run on dirty cooking oil by a couple of unqualified mechanics. We were set on seeing our country in all its glory. 2 1/2 weeks and 3,000 miles later we'd be able to tell a story of adventure for the rest of our lives.

Grand Canyon Sunrise Video (Autumn 2008)

This 25 minute sunrise timelapse was shot in the Grand Canyon in November 2008.

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