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Help us renovate Wayne, our new bus! - $1000



You've probably heard by now that we had a new bus donated to us. Wayne is similar to NASBUS in dimensions and ready to take to the road. The initial renovations to Wayne include a full tune-up and a conversion to run on waste veggie oil! There are surely 100 people out there who'd love to see the new bus and could afford to donate $10 to make it happen.

Help us rehabilitate NASBUS! - $3000

NASBUS Superstar Veggie Eater

You've probably also heard that NASBUS is needs a new engine. NASBUS is up in New Jersey on its lonesome waiting for the the heart transplant. NASBUS has hosted thousands and I'm sure we could gather some funds for the pricey operation. If 100 people threw down $30, NASBUS would be back on the road in no time to join Wayne in the Brave New Bus fleet.

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