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Harnessing the Power of the Sun!

By bravenewbus - Posted on 06 May 2009



This rig for a solar-powered lighting fixture is the latest from Ryan Saucerman. The aim here is to provide lighting that is independent of the electric grid, requires little to no maintenance and works.

So how do you do that? Well, what Ryan has done is setup up a solar panel to convert the power our sun produces into electricity. We then take that electricity and charge our battery. With that stored electricity, we can now power our light!

These could be placed all over the world, even in areas where economic development is 50 years behind. This rig will go 1 1/2 years before a the lamp needs replacement and almost two years before a new battery or battery refurbishment is need. Ryan also found that we are going to need a more efficient solar panel (100watts or more). If anyone has a way of getting some good solar panels for cheap or free, please contact us!

Solar Panel (30watt) $652 - SunWiz
Electrical Box $19 - Home Depot
LightBulb $10 - Home Depot
Light Socket $7 - Home Depot
Wire $1 - Home Depot
Battery $23 - Fry's Electronics
Solar Charge Regulator $30 - Harbor Freight Tools
Light Sensor $13 - Home Depot
Spacer For Light Sensor $2 - Home Depot
Connectors $1 - Harbor Freight Tools
Wire Nuts $1 - Home Depot
Electrical Tape $1 - Harbor Freight Tools
Extension Cord $7 - Home Depot
Wire Clamps $4 - Home Depot
Metal Strap $4 - Home Depot
Double-sided Foam Tape $6 - Home Depot
Screws $3 -Harbor Freight Tools

Total parts cost: $784

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