Harnessing the Power of the Sun!


This rig for a solar-powered lighting fixture is the latest from Ryan Saucerman. The aim here is to provide lighting that is independent of the electric grid, requires little to no maintenance and works.

So how do you do that? Well, what Ryan has done is setup up a solar panel to convert the power our sun produces into electricity. We then take that electricity and charge our battery. With that stored electricity, we can now power our light!

The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

This a very good film about "Peak Oil", something that all countries will have to deal with in the near future. Cuba has provided the world with an example of how to cope with a drastic drop in oil supply. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba's oil imports dropped by more than 50%.

Why 350? 90 Seconds, 0 Words (Video)

350.org is building a campaign around the "most important number", 350. 350 is what James Hansen, a leading researcher on global warming, urges us to strive towards. 350 ppm (parts per million, a ratio of one substance to another, in this case C02 to air) is the acceptable amount of CO2 that we should be aiming for and would require drastic changes to our transportation and energy production industries to abate the rise in CO2. Visit 350.org for how you can do your part to reduce the CO2 in our atmosphere.

Implementing a National Strategy for Sustainability

(From Change.org)


Change.org opened up a forum for people to express their ideas for change in America and had the people vote on the ones they viewed as most essential for our country's progress. The linked story at the top was voted in the top 10 by more than 9,000 readers and deals with the formulation of a national sustainability plan for our new president to enact.

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

bus box opening

It's a chilly night here in Florida (54 degrees is cold here) and we're hard at work renovating the interior of the bus. That's right, the bus is getting a couple major upgrades to solve a couple of minor problems we've been having.

Riding Dirty Down South - Winter 2008 Video

This is from the first trip on vegetable oil from January of 2008. The 2 1/2 week trip went from Tampa, FL through New Orleans, San Antonio and Big Bend, TX, Los Angeles and ended in San Francisco. The brave crew consisted of Jaime Schultz, John Harmander, Sal Primo, Katie Wyles, Kareem Farooq, Mike Hoy and Winston Hoy.

At the time of the trip we kept throwing around the slogan "Reinvigorating the American Spirit". Adventure, ingenuity, skepticism, bravery, defiance, entrepreneurship, experimentation, hope, determination. These are the elements that fueled this trip. 7 of us gambled on a 22 year old school bus modified to run on dirty cooking oil by a couple of unqualified mechanics. We were set on seeing our country in all its glory. 2 1/2 weeks and 3,000 miles later we'd be able to tell a story of adventure for the rest of our lives.

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