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New Photo Album: 7.4.09 Bus Breakdown



There's a new photo album in the gallery! Check out the photos from the trip that killed the bus. We threw a rod about an hour outside of New York City on our way up to the farm of Thor Foss in Northern Pennsylvania.


The bus was born with an abnormally large heart for how much blood it produced. After years of lackluster service, the bus's heart had adjusted to its lot in life. Then, in its old age, past retirement, some young 'uns with adventure in their eyes and courage in their hearts befriended the bus. Suddenly the bus had purpose again, but this time it was different. Every trip was filled with passion rather than apathy, every route undiscovered and new rather than mapped with a number assigned to it. Every passenger adored the bus rather than rejecting it.

The Bus Ain't Feeling So Hot

As some of you've heard, the bus has fallen on hard times. On its way up to NYC and PA for a 4th of July celebration, the bus snap, crackled and then popped! The bus being inoperable, we found a safe place to store for the weekend. After the weekend, the bus was taken to ASE Master School Bus Mechanic Damon Russell in Bridgewater, NJ where the diagnosis was made and then verified. The engine spun a bearing, then threw a rod.

New Photo Gallery!



Check out the new Gallery! We've got our photos from Winter 2008 all the way up until our latest adventure at Bonnaroo! Contact us if you have any photos of the bus we could use.

Conversations Over Dirty Oil

Brave New Bus crew members, Winston Hoy and Brian Hiller, talk about their generation, politics, sustainability, and veggie oil.

DIY Chicago! - Guerilla Media

DIY Chicago -- Guerilla Media from Nathan Bobinchak on Vimeo.

This video peeks into the DIY/craft scene in Chicago. It is not, by any means, a general representation of the movement, but is rather a brief insight into what's happening now.

Nice work Nicole!

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