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Welcome Wayne, A New Old Bus

By Winston Hoy - Posted on 07 September 2009


There's a new, old bus brave enough to join the fleet.
August 2009 - Welcome Wayne! (New Bus)

August 2009 - Welcome Wayne! (New Bus)

That's right, Brave New Bus is now TWO busses. Nasbus is joined by Wayne, a year older, yet newer to the movement. Wayne came to us through a friend of a friend who in turn received the bus from a group of Australians. The Australian's bought the bus in Washington state to take it on a road-trip though Canada (sounds vaguely familiar...). In any case, the bus was a donation to the organization and it is in pretty good shape!

The bus has been sitting in a Baltimore driveway for about a year seeing little action other than the occasional rotation of wheels. Wayne is a few feet short of Nasbus, but with just as much attitude. The school bus seats have already been removed and replaced with some furniture, but we're going to need to build the interior out to maximize the space. Mechanically, Wayne needs some minor repairs, neither of which prevented us from driving it from Baltimore to DC. It also needs a new set of mirrors up front.

All that being said, Wayne is scheduled to be modified to run on both unprocessed waste vegetable oil as well as some high-grade, locally processed biodiesel. If you want to get involved or stop by for a quick overview of the veggie modification process, send an e-mail to Once the mechanical fixes and modifications are made, the interior will be ready for a redesign to maximize comfort, storage and all around functionality. By the time we're done with Wayne, he'll be ready to help out his community, house and transport a dozen brave riders and host a party!

None of this is free of course, so if you'd like to see it happen, be sure make a contribution.

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