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The Bus Ain't Feeling So Hot

By bravenewbus - Posted on 21 July 2009


As some of you've heard, the bus has fallen on hard times. On its way up to NYC and PA for a 4th of July celebration, the bus snap, crackled and then popped! The bus being inoperable, we found a safe place to store for the weekend. After the weekend, the bus was taken to ASE Master School Bus Mechanic Damon Russell in Bridgewater, NJ where the diagnosis was made and then verified. The engine spun a bearing, then threw a rod. Pictures are available.

In it's current state, the bus cannot be driven. Parts for the engine are no longer available for rebuild and an engine replacement will be both costly and difficult logistically to pull off. Damon is hosting the bus for about a month before it needs to find a new ICU to rest in.

We're currently working to:

  1. Find a place in Bridgewater, NJ to store the bus until it may recover
  2. Find a replacement engine complete with engine components
  3. Find a new bus to renovate similarly, but more efficiently, to grow the fleet!
  4. Find funding for the new bus and replacement engine
  5. Celebrate the new bus and repaired old bus!

Our fiscal sponsorship has almost arrived and with that comes the ability to accept online donations. If you have any resources that might be useful to getting a new bus and the old bus back on its wheels, contact us.

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