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Implementing a National Strategy for Sustainability

By bravenewbus - Posted on 23 January 2009



Ideas-for-change-in-america.png opened up a forum for people to express their ideas for change in America and had the people vote on the ones they viewed as most essential for our country's progress. The linked story at the top was voted in the top 10 by more than 9,000 readers and deals with the formulation of a national sustainability plan for our new president to enact.

Among the issues that need to be addressed are both the national and global dependency on energy sources in which supply is declining and moving towards depletion. Nearly all of our transportation relies on fossil fuels while our nation depends largely on coal for electricity production. At some point in the future, the reserves for both of these resources will become depleted as they are not renewable. As the resources become more scarce, costs will rise and our current lifestyle will be more difficult to afford.

Another major issue we face today has to do with the impact we have on our environment. The United States is one of the most resource abundant countries on the planet, yet we are not taking the responsibility to ensure that our resources are nurtured and replenished for future generations. Although there are many factors to the deterioration of the environment, one cause is agreed to be our use of fossil fuels.

In addition to resolving the problems we have with fossil fuels, an investment in sustainable energy and fuel sources can help our country's economy. In our current situation, we are watching outdated and unethical industries fall. People are losing jobs, families are left with property debts that far exceed their values and investment in our economy is scarce. With an investment in alternative energies and sustainable practices, jobs can be created, industries developed and we will eventually have an affordable and renewable source for energy and fuel!

Get out there and encourage your representative to make sustainable energy sources a priority for our countries best economical and environmental interests!

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