You are hereNasbus Maiden Voyage Summer 2006 Video (Pre-WVO Conversion)

Nasbus Maiden Voyage Summer 2006 Video (Pre-WVO Conversion)

By bravenewbus - Posted on 15 January 2009


This is a compilation of several thousand pictures that were taken on the very first bus trip. The trip began with several friends wanting to take a trip and expanded to the 9 that made it on this trip and warranted the purchase of a full size school bus. Purchased off an eBay auction for a $1,000, the bus needed nothing more than a new set of tires. The trip lasted 6 weeks and went from Los Angeles to Vancouver to Chicago to New York City. Music by Sufjan Stevens "Chicago", photos by bus crew (Mike Hoy, Kirby Stevens, Rusty Rivera, Katie Wyles, Brian Hiller, Steve Grivno, Garratt Wilkin, Justin Miller, Stefan Portay), video by Mike Hoy.

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