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By bravenewbus - Posted on 21 July 2009


The bus was born with an abnormally large heart for how much blood it produced. After years of lackluster service, the bus's heart had adjusted to its lot in life. Then, in its old age, past retirement, some young 'uns with adventure in their eyes and courage in their hearts befriended the bus. Suddenly the bus had purpose again, but this time it was different. Every trip was filled with passion rather than apathy, every route undiscovered and new rather than mapped with a number assigned to it. Every passenger adored the bus rather than rejecting it. And with each new passenger, new trip, new experience, the bus's heart grew! It grew and grew for three years despite the same blood pumping through its veins. Day after day, year after yea, the bus's blood pressure would drop as the love that filled it would rise.

The bus needs a heart transplant, but donors are scarce and success rates are low. Do not feel sorrow or remorse, the bus led a most fulfilled life, always in service to others. No doubt, the bus will live forever in our hearts and experiences.

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