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It's What's On the Inside That Counts

By bravenewbus - Posted on 15 January 2009


bus box opening

It's a chilly night here in Florida (54 degrees is cold here) and we're hard at work renovating the interior of the bus. That's right, the bus is getting a couple major upgrades to solve a couple of minor problems we've been having.

One problem we always have on long trips with a full crew is space. If you can't imagine 9 people needing more space than a 38 foot school bus, just think of all the crap they bring with them. There is always a pile of luggage somewhere sliding around, depriving us of our precious sleeping nest. To remedy the problem, we're modifying several seats to include storage space inside. Additionally we're creating more sleeping space in creative way that you'll have to wait to see.

We've also got some new floor tiles on the way and fabrics have already been picked out to reupholster our diner seats with.

So to sum it up, we're adding storage space, adding seating space, adding sleeping space and giving the bus a stunning appearance.

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