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Michael Aaron Colin

    The photographer and observer of the group. Jaime is a Texas native and calls Brooklyn her home working as a  real estate agent. Taking time out for self exploration, making art and traveling are the most important things. As a friend described me, Jaime tranquil, clear-headed nature provides The Ultimate Voice of Reason.

    I am excited about what future possibilities will occur along our southern route, spending time with our families, meeting new people, sharing ideas and learning new things daily.


    For decades, Michael Hoy has searched far and wide for the best that life has to offer.  From Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Brooklyn down to Tampa and every beach and national park between, Mike has planted his seed of inspiration. Where good times can be had, Mike can be found.  Sparked by his intense desire for MORE of what life has to offer.  His life philosophy is borrowed from life lessons, family, and strangers that just seemed to make so much sense. Always optimistic, Michael reminds the rest of the crew to always look on the bright side.


     Ever since she can remember, Katie has enjoyed exploring new places and discovering the many beautiful and unique aspects of nature.  This love of adventures and the unknown has brought her back to the bus many times now.  Her first journey across the country with the original bus crew from Cali to NY through the northern states was an amazing experience.  The trip sent a wonderful message to everyone the bus met along the way that you really can do anything you put your mind to.  On this current trip through the southern states, we hope to spread the awareness that anything is possible if you truly believe it can happen.  And trust us, it will. 

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Cunning Linguist, Grant Writer, Off the Cuff
    Hailing from the Windy City, Michelle brings a passion for social betterment and the drive to make it happen.  As one of the nation’s leading fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee you can thank Michelle for Obama’s recent victory...unless you voted for McCain, sorry.  With a warm smile and an innate sense of adventure, Michelle was born for Bus Trip Glory.  As an experienced international grant writer and non-profit consultant, Michelle promises to help the Brave New Bus take it to the next level.
Ray of Sunshine, Costume Designer, Friend to All
    When you meet most people for the first time you get a handshake or an awkward smile, with Kathryn you get a nice big hug and a sweet smile.  Born and raised in Houston, she reminds us that the midwest is still king when it comes to breeding kindness.  After working for a successful grassroots fundraising campaign for the DNC and Barack Obama with Michelle and Michael, Kathryn has thrown caution to the wind for a holiday bus trip to the east coast.  It is interesting to note, but not surprising if you know her, that Kathryn has never felt sadness until listening to a certain James Blunt song.