Leaders in the alternative fuel movement, Rosedale has been our most prominent supporter.  Their top-of-the-line filtering products allow the Brave New Bus to quickly and easily gather Waste Vegetable Oil and convert it to fuel that is clean enough to eat (for a bus).

The guys over at Greenfuellab have spent the last six months developing their patented device which converts water into hydrogen gas on the fly.  It is safe and simple to have installed and unlike other hydrogen converters, it uses almost no amperage.  The May trip across the country is a prototype test for their new heavy trucks model.  Check them out at either or

Special Thanks to the following family and friends who have so graciously hosted and supported our group

Ryan Saucerman

Bruce Miller

Nikita Burdein

Sean Meenan

Katherine Farrell

Samuel Zvibleman

Lisa Newton

Sarah Henn

Lara Braish

Annie Gaudet

Richard Oceguera

Heather Liberman

Adrian Spinelli

The Farooq Family

Garratt Bradford Smith Wilkin III & Cowboy

The Parrotheads

Anita & The Edwards Family

The Florida Hoys

The Pennsylvania Hoys

Carolyn Hoy & Family

The Musgroves

The Portay Family

The Rivera Family

The Schultz Family

The Schneider Family

Kim, Garratt, and Big Tom

The Monkey Man

Mark “The Shark” Kachhi

The Dom

The Rossland Boys

Deniz Calisal

Katey Crystal & The Bozeman Bunch

Dominick’s Italian Restaurant (The Russo’s)

The Ranch


We’re All In

Thank You to our sponsors

Before we received help from Rosedale, we were spending half of the money saved from diesel on the filtering of the dirty vegetable oil.  With our Model 8 filter housing and 500 Series Graded Density filter bags, we don’t have to deal with changing filters so often.  Thanks, Nils!