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We appreciate all donations

(even if it is only $1)

*BraveNewBus is currently seeking a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor whille we await approval from the IRS for tax-exempt status as a non-profit

The Brave New Bus has many projects in all stages of production.   We are always seeking like minded individuals and businesses to help us complete projects and accomplish our goals while inspiring new ideas.  We are an organization built on inspiration and made successful through collaboration.


Bus Improvements

Most of the projects that require funding immediately have to do with the bus itself.  We have big plans, but before we can effectively promote sustainability, we must first perfect the bus and make our vessel for change completely sustainable.  There are several projects that would dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of the bus, making it a model for sustainability. more...


It is our intention to leave the world better than we found it.  We would like to apply these same principles and goals to our local environment (homes, communities).  Engaging in volunteer community projects exemplifies the catch phrase ‘think globally, act locally’ that has been such an inspiration for the Brave New Bus.  Whether it’s lending a hand at an organic farm, educating local schools, helping green festivals, or organizing neighborhood clean ups, we are excited to participate in community improvement projects. more...


We would like to set-up our own sustainable communities where we can educate people interested in renewable resources and sustainable living through hands on experience.  There are several widely successful examples of completely sustainable communities including Kopali’s Punta Mona in Costa Rica.  We currently have three domestic locations where we have the opportunity to implement sustainable systems for group living and education.  more...

If you want to show some support for Brave New Bus and what we are doing, please donate.  The Brave New Bus is all about community and relies on donations of time, money, and ideas from peers to sustain itself.  A thoughtful suggestion or help on a project is as good or better than a monetary donation.  Contact us if you’d like to collaborate, cooperate or demonstrate your support for the bus.  We have many plans for this great bus and many frontiers yet to be crossed.  Her life is in your hands dude.

                        Good for the Bus

                            Good for the Body

Good for the Bus, Good for the Body is our project to track and promote the restaurants that provide us with the good clean oil that is necessary to keep the Brave New Bus on the road.  The restaurants we retrieve oil from use 100% trans fat free vegetable oil.  That means no animal fats or oils that are solid or gelatinous in our bus’s fuel lines or our bodies arteries and veins.