Prince Street Project

We’re All In

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Our Proposal

Although our community is small in the RAMBO (Right After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area, we take extraordinary pride in our rapidly developing neighborhood and it’s appearance. 

It is one of our organization’s main goals to improve our environment and this starts at home.

With approval from the appropriate authorities and funding from sponsors we would like to initiate a plan to clean up this area of Prince Street and create a community space that could be used for gardening and recreation.

This would start with a major cleanup effort that we would staff with our volunteers from the Brave New Bus and continue with the cultivation and planting of various plants, trees, and vegetables.

We envision a community space that would be used and maintained by those who live in the area.  It would serve as a canvas for community pride, collaboration, and social interaction.  We are in full support of all art projects that could be created and displayed in this space as well.

We are open to collaboration with other local groups and sponsors interested in achieving this goal.  We also welcome a dialogue on how to best improve and make use of this promising space.

Please contact us and let’s make Brooklyn a little more beautiful.

The Brave New Bus Crew

Prince Street is a little known place between Tillary St and Concord St in Downtown Brooklyn.  Nestled between the BQE, Storage Buildings, the 84th Precinct Police Parking Lot, and new condo developments, it ends as a cul de sac. 

One side of the street is occupied by the storage buildings and condo development sites while the other side has the parking lot and a large empty lot where illegaly dumped garbage tends to gather.


We take pride in our surrounding environment, and always strive to improve it.  The Brave New Bus has become a symbol for sustainable and socially conscious change.  Our biggest inspiration comes from meeting new people with similar values who are willing to collaborate on new projects and ideas.  We have many young people involved with the Bus who are willing to volunteer for community improvement projects in our communities starting with Downtown Brooklyn and Los Angeles.  Contact us for any suggestions, collaborations etc.