Veggie System Improvements

In order to become sustainable, we must cut out all inefficiencies involved in both obtaining fuel and storing it.  Although the WVO system on the Bus is fully functional, the initial filtering and collection devices are still being kept inside the Bus.  This causes a greasy and unpleasant appearance in the front of the Bus where people’s first impressions are made.  We also need to devise a solution for the storage of the veggie oil.  As it is currently, we are keeping our extra Veggie oil on the roof.  It is unsightly and attracts the wrong kind of police attention.  There have also been several leaks resulting in a dirty and hard to clean bus.

What is needed:






Renewable Renovation for Bus Interior

We want to sustainably renovate the interior of the bus and maximize the space that we have.  By using non-toxic and recycled materials, the bus will complete its sustainable objective. We have looked into recycled bamboo, non toxic upholstery and other eco-friendly designs that we would like to renovate our bus with. 

Bus Improvements

In order for Brave New Bus to properly promote and educate the public on sustainable

practices, the bus itself must first achieve sustainability.  There are several mechanical and

cosmetic projects that are in need of immediate attention to get the bus to where it needs to be. 

We’re All In

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Transmission Rebuild - COMPLETE

Thank you to everyone who donated to keep the bus alive.  This has been an amazing fundraising effort brought to fruition by the following patrons.


Donations Made     


Winston Hoy                                   

Stefan Portay 

Brian Hiller                                    

Steve Grivno                                   

Michael Hoy

Kareem Farooq

Emilie Branch                                                            

Katie Wyles

Kirstin Johansson

Justin Miller

Sal Primo

Exterior Bus Renovations

Paint Job, Solar Panels, Roof Rack

As part of our mission to promote and educate our peers in the ways of sustainable living, we need a welcoming appearance.  We would like people to see the bus and want to learn more about what we are doing.  In its current state of appearance, people assume that we have no funds and are probably just on a road trip.  We would also like to have information displayed on the outside of the bus (logos, website address, etc.) so people can find more information on us if they aren’t able to talk with us. The roof rack could also use a small renovation to make it more practical for storing anything.

In addition to cosmetic work, we would also like to install solar panels in order to achieve complete sustainability.  We have a number of electronic accessories on board that are essential to life on the road that would benefit from a sustainable power source.

We are also currently researching the possibility of photovoltaic paint (paint that acts like a solar panel).

Someone who is skilled in welding to help attach the Large Rosedale filter to the Bus Exterior or chasis and create a compartment under the bus to attach the pump and keep fueling tools and components.


Clear hose that is strong and flexible (1” hose)


Additional fuel tank to replace the 5 gallon jugs currently on

    the roof. Must be plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel.

    (Veggie oil corrodes regular steel)

Fuel Injection Pump Rebuild - COMPLETE

Only 200 miles into our trip to California, we started to lose power.  After taking the bus to a mechanic, we learned that our fuel injection pump was due for a rebuild.  Luckily, we were close enough to some Pennsylvania Hoys to have a place to stay.  The bus is currently being repaired while we raise funds in Lititz, PA.