Any diesel engine vehicle can run on Biodiesel without modification.  Biodiesel reduces our dependence on foreign oil and is better for the environment.  It is however about the same cost as regular diesel and is most often made from vegetables grown specifically for fuel production, not as human sustenance.

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Run Your Vehicle on Biodiesel or Recycled Vegetable Oil


Most diesel engine vehicles can run on recycled vegetable oil that restaurants throw out with minimal modifications.  The diesel engine was originally designed to run on peanut and vegetable oil.  Adding the proper setup to run on vegetable oil is relatively simple and cost effective.

Straight Vegetable Oil

If you are thinking of running your vehicle on recycled vegetabe oil, here are some companies to consider for further education and conversion.

There are many companies that make water to hydrogen converters to boost fuel efficiency in any car.  WaterIsFuel sponsors the Brave New Bus and has designed a device that gives our bus 25% better gas mileage.

Increase Your MPG

Support new sources of clean and renewable energy through investment.  There are many companies currently providing solar, wind, and other clean energy products.  The best way to help this technology move forward is by investing in these companies and using their products.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Here are some progressive companies providing renewable energy solutions.

Support Industrial Hemp, and let the truth about Ethanol be heard

Find out more about how industrial hemp can help our economy